Noncho Kit- Add Skein for M-XL

Emma's Yarn, Casapink'as Noncho Kit- Add a skein to make the M-XL size
If you are ordering on of the Noncho kits which already comes with enough yarn for the Small size, but you need the extra skein of yarn to make a Medium, Large or XL, just order this one skein and we'll add this on in the right color for your order.
This way, you'll get five skeins instead of the four in just the kit as is comes originally. And if you find you need even more later (for an XXL size or gauge is off) we can order you you another one in a month or two.
Make sure you already ordered the entire Noncho Kit on this order too. If you are ordering this one AFTER you already order the entire Kit from us, please put in the comments something like "I ordered the kit earlier, can you refund this shipping on this one item?" and we'll do that and make sure this one skein ships with the rest of the kit in late April.