Asana Sport

Nikki and Jay are the married team behind Vrinda Yarn, which is a Sanskrit name meaning virtue, strength and without comparison- values they hold close in running their studio. Their mill in Uruguay makes ethically sourced and sustainably processed yarns that they then hand dye in San Diego, California.
Asana Sport is Vrinda's signature 4ply sport weight yarn that uses the "opposing ply" spinning method to create a more durable yarn with no nylon. One of the four singles is spun in the opposite direction so that when the four are plied together the opposing strand gets tighter. The resulting yarn is more durable and takes the dye differently, creating the subtle barber pole effect seen in the finished yarn. The merino used in this yarn is "super fine" which is a grade above merino typically used in hand dyed yarns, so you'll notice a super soft texture. Size is approximately 328 yards/100g. 100% Super Fine Superwash Uruguayan Merino Wool. See product page for more details. Sport weight.