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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm shipping a gift to a secret pal and don't want her to know who paid for the yarn! Can I do that?
SSYC goes the extra mile when shipping special gifts to friends and secret pals. When we notice that the shipping name/address for an order is different from the billing name/address, we check the e-mail address before shipping that order. If we find an e-mailed message from the purchaser, we can include a complimentary gift card with a message of your choice, (just e-mail us the message you would like to send) and can also leave the billing name and address out of the package. **You must e-mail us for the gift to be anonymous! Otherwise, the name and address of the person being billed is printed on the packing list.**

Q: I'm almost done with an order, and I'm asked for my credit card's security code. What is THAT?
When you enter your credit card number in many internet stores, you are asked for a security code. A security code is a three or four digit number, usually on the back of your card, at the very right of the signature line. If you are unsure, contact your credit card company or visit their website for clarification. We ask for this number for your protection; to help ensure that the card is actually in the hands of the person using it. If you need further assistance, contact

Q: Where's the blog?
A: If you want to keep up on the life and times of Simply Socks Yarn Company and its owner, Allison, visit Sales, new yarns and special promotions are listed on the blog before we send out e-mails or place ads. Checking the blog is the best way to stay informed.

Q: I deleted my e-mailed receipt! How do I get a new receipt?
A: At check out, you will receive an order tracking number. Click on Customer Service at the left, and enter that number in the box. Here are SSYC, we value our natural resources and do not automatically include paper receipts (only packing slips) in your package. To request one, please e-mail us at

Q: What are your shipping costs?
A: For purchases over $85.00, shipping is FREE to US addresses. Under $85.00 to US addresses, shipping is $6.00 for USPS Priority Mail, which should arrive 2-3 days after leaving SSYC.
For purchases going to Canadian addresses, shipping is $12.50. Canadian customers should choose the shipping option marked "Global-Outside of US" at check out to recieve their purchase.
For purchases going to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Tiawan, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand, shipping is $17.50. These customers must choose the shipping option marked "Global- Outside of US" at check out to receive their purchases.
For purchases going to Norway, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Israel, Belgium, United Kingdom (GB), France, Indonesia, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain or Finland addresses, shipping is $16.50, which takes approximately 4-6 days after leaving SSYC. Choose the "Global-Outside of US" at check out.

Q: I don't see an item in the store that was there yesterday! Where is it?
A: SSYC only displays on the website the products that are in stock and available to ship immediately. If we have recently run out of an item, we will take it temporarily off the site so that we do not advertise something we cannot sell you immediately. Check back in a week, or e-mail us at

Q: Can I place a special order?
If you are looking for a particular yarn or product that you don't see in the store, then please e-mail us at We will research its availability and get back to you.

Q: I am a returning customer and would like to change my billing method or ship-to address. How do I do this?
At the Check Out page, under where you enter your e-mail and password, look for the fields marked "Change billing information" and/or "This will be shipped to a different address". Check the appropriate field and proceed. You will then be directed to change this information. This is also quite helpful if you decide to change billing methods halfway through the Check Out process.

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