Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see more than sock yarn. Do you sell things that aren't just for making socks?

A: When we opened nearly 20 years ago, we sold only sock yarn, thus the name. But over the years you've requested we supply you with other yarns and we are happy to now carry a wide array of yarn for all your crafting needs. While we still do focus on yarn for knitting socks, you'll also find DK weight for sweaters and even super bulky for winter accessories. If you want us to offer something you don't see, just e-mail Allison.

Q: Are you still open to the public?

A: YES! We are typically open once a week, alternating Tuesdays and Saturdays and our in-person shopping days/times can be found here.

Q: I would like to buy a gift certificate for someone special. Can I do that?

A: Most definitely! Just go here. It's a simple process and the recipient will get an immediate e-mail with the gift code once you complete Check Out. If you don't want the recipient to receive the code immediately, but instead want to print it and put it in a card to give in person, just enter your e-mail address in the recipient field and you'll receive the code and can send out whenever you'd like.

Q: Should I "Check Out" as a Guest or should I create an account?

A: If you think you'll just be shopping with us on rare occasion or just once, and don't need to track your past orders or wish lists, then Guest is a fine option. But if you'd like access to some of the great features our website offers, then you'll want to create an account with an e-mail and password. That way, you can log in to look at past orders, which can be handy if you LOVE something and lost the tag or need more of an exact yarn to complete your project. By creating an account you also have the opportunity to create Wish Lists and even e-mail links to them to loved ones who might want to purchase you an awesome gift.

Q: Can you wind my yarn for me before you ship it? And is there a charge?

A: We are happy to wind your order and we don't charge a fee. Just leave a note/comment in the proper section on the Check Out page when placing your order. And if you forget, you can respond to your e-mailed receipt with the request. Please note that while we check e-mails often, we do try and ship quickly and once in awhile we ship quicker than we check e-mail and your request might be missed. Your order also will likely ship one day later, as we wind at the end of the day. Yarn that is wound is not eligible for return, as it is no longer in its original condition. Even if requested, we don't wind high silk-content (slippery) yarn, mini skeins or gradient sets, as all tend to fall apart in shipping once caked, and gradient sets can't be repackaged in their original intended order once wound. It makes it much easier on the knitter if we leave these in their original skeined condition.

Q: I see four skeins in a photo - does this mean I get four? Or one?

A: We often show more than one skein of yarn in a photo to give you an idea of the differences in skeins of hand dyed yarn even within the same color and dyelot. It's common practice for online yarn sales. If you order a quantity of 1, you get 1. If you order 4, you get 4, etc. It's helpful to click on the item and read the yardage and put up information if you want clarification.

Q: I ordered something that is shipping as a gift to a friend and I don't want her to know how much each item cost.  Is there a way to do that?

A: No worries! Each order we pack includes a detailed packing list. This includes what items you'll find in the package, but prices are not included on this sheet. A detailed price sheet is available in your order history online. Want to make the gift extra special? We can also arrange special details for a secret pal or even send a complimentary gift card with a message of your choice.  Just e-mail service@simplysockyarn.com right after your order with the details and we'll take care of you.

Q: What's the best way to find out what's new in the shop?

A: Because we want to connect with you using the method that works for you, we share newsworthy things a variety of ways. Want to read updates several times a week and get to know SSYC as your online "local yarn store"? Check out the SSYC Blog. Do you prefer pictures? Try our Instagram feed. Enjoy Facebook? We do that too. Do you like to connect with others on Ravelry? Check out our group there. Or have updates delivered directly to your Inbox a few times a month by signing up for our e-newsletter at the bottom-right of this page.

Q: How do you ship?

A: We ship using USPS with tracking. If you'd like to learn about those costs and our free shipping offer, go here.

Q: I don't see an item on the website that was there earlier. Where is it?

A: At SSYC, we display only the items that are in stock and ready to ship so that you can get your yarn on your doorstep ASAP rather than waiting months for backordered stuff.  If there is a particular item or color that you'd like that you don't see, just e-mail your question to service@simplysockyarn.com.  We can tell you when it might be back in stock or perhaps refer you to something similar to substitute. Some of the hand made items we offer sell out really quickly, like our special edition knit kits and particular hard-to-get skeins. So please don't hesitate if you really want something because someone else might feel similarly and act a bit quicker. Some items are available just once.

Q: I want to knit a sweater and need 7 skeins in one lot.  Do you have enough?

A: If you look at a particular item, we list how many skeins we have in stock so you can plan your order. Because we place large orders with our dyers and vendors, we likely have enough for you.  If, when filling your order, we find there's not enough in one lot, we'll e-mail you to make a decision. We don't send you several dye lots without your approval first.

Q: How big is the shop?

A: Simply Socks Yarn Company houses nearly 20 tons of sock yarn in our 3500 square foot shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are a small, dedicated team of fiber fanatics who greatly enjoy being your personal shoppers/shippers, connecting with you on a daily basis, and fueling your passion for all things yarny. Since 2005, we've done our best to serve you and I hope you'll let us know how we're doing.  If you'd like to share with us your experience or questions, please e-mail Allison at service@simplysockyarn.com