Shop in Person


Want to visit our 3500 square foot shop and browse over 16 tons of stunning yarn in person?  While we ship worldwide six days a week, we are open to the public just one day each week, which alternates Tuesdays and Saturdays.

We are located in a restored 1940's post office at 1315 E. State Blvd, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46805. There's plenty of off-street parking next to the shop, or free on-street parking as well. There are fab restaurants close by, coffee shops a minute away, and gorgeous Lakeside Rose Garden to explore too.

We are open 10-4 the following days. Everyone in our shop wears a mask at all times (we have them for you if you forget) until we're all a bit more comfortable with the pandemic situation. We just opened back up after a year of being closed to the public, so bear with us. Thanks!

Open days this season:  Aug 14, Aug 17, Aug 28, Aug 31, Sept 11, Sept 14, Sept 25, Sept 28, Oct 9, Oct 12, Oct 23, Oct 26, Nov 6, Nov 9, Nov 20, Nov 23, Dec 4, Dec 7, Dec 18, Dec 21.

Please note, Google and other websites aren't necessarily accurate for what they list as open times for our shop. Our website is the only reliable source.

Are you local and want Contactless Pickup to avoid shipping fees? We can do that! Read about how to do that on our shipping page.

If you have group that you'd like to bring and these days don't work for you, we're happy to arrange a special shopping session. Just e-mail Allison at with the number of people and date, and we'll do what we can.