DIC SC Candy Love

Dream in Color, Smooshy with Cashmere: Candy Love
starke 2514, 2516, 2528 crazy 2514, 2516, 2528 zauberball 2512 PRICE CHANGE for Zauberball. is now $24 a ball All addi prices have gone up approx 50 cents alum 6" Dps are all $14 alum 8" DP's are all $16 duets are all $9 flexiflip bamboo are $30 metal needles (turbos and rockets): if they were $14.50 they are now $15 if they were $17 they are now $17.50 (up to us 10.75) other larger and smaller sizes that are odd are unchanged. check website for questions natura circs, up to us 4 is $15, us 5-10 are $17.50 addi turbo lace (the brass covered) up 50cents as well, if they were 14.50, they are 15. if they were 17 they are now 17.50 all the old Addi Easyknits should be the normal turbo tip, which means that they are no longer part of normal stock and need to be put with sale needles and marked down Was $17, now $11. Then we just have two sizes of the new Rocket version of them that just arrived and have to wait for the rest of the rockets to arrive to put on our website. I need a US 2 size to rephoto when they all arrive. til they all do, all of them will be inactive on our website (with tomorrow's sync)