HLoco BYCC Cream Legbar Rooster


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Hue Loco, The Backyard Chicken Collection: Cream Legbar Rooster
Nicole dyes an amazing array of colors in her Colorado studio. Want inventive speckles, solids or variegated skeins? She does it all! This particular set is from the Backyard Chicken Collection and includes a 100g hank of Merino Sock and 2 20g minis in Merino Sock.
Meet the Cream Legbar: The Cream Legbar is a cross between a Barred Plymouth Rock and Brown Leghorn and is one of the most sought after breeds in this country due to its rarity. The breed is auto-sexing, which means you can hatch the chicks at home and "sex" them yourself. The male legbar has a light spot on its head while a female does not. It takes years of training to vent sex day old chicks otherwise!
Size: 1- 400 yards/ 100 gram skein of Merino Sock
2- 80 yard/ 20 gram mini skeins of Merino Sock
Content: 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon
Gauge: 7- 8sts= 1" on US 1 or 2
Care: Gentle machine wash