ST MCTT Microbatch No. 14


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Stitch Together Studio, Mid Coast Targheeling Twist: Microbatch No. 14
Stitch Together started as a local yarn shop in Iowa in 2015, but owner Kayanna quickly became obsessed with dyeing and by 2017 her shop became a full-time dye studio. Her passion for lively color shows in each inventive colorway she paints, and the color names she dreams up hint at her attitude and humor.
Truly a labor of love in microbatch yarn, Kayanna dyes up this luxurious US grown wool/bamboo/silk fiber in Iowa, then sends it to her mill in Illinois where it is spun into this gorgeous 2 ply yarn. The finished skein is soft, unique and mimics the look of hand spun yarn. No two skeins are alike, as you can see from the photo, even within the same lot. Choose one for hats, gloves or cowls, or several for a stunner of a scarf or garment.
Size: approx 400 yds/ weight varies due to composition and nature of the spun yarn from approx 62-82g
Content: 80% US grown Targhee wool, 10% bamboo, 10% tussah silk
Gauge: 7-8 sts=1" on US 1-2
Care: hand wash, flat dry
*Each skein is different, just like hand spun yarn. If you order more than one, we will choose as similar skeins as possible within the same colorway, but each will be different, due to the nature of this yarn. See picture for example of how skeins can vary within the lot.